Pool house in Northern Ireland with moveable floor

In Downpatrick (Northern Ireland) Holland Aqua Sight helped to realize the great wish of the client. At a farm in Downpatrick, the client had a real Pool House made. Holland Aqua Sight installed a movable floor (7.6 x 4.8 m) with a black Polypropylene screen and a pool cover for the part of the pool where there is no movable floor. The end result is stunning.

A movable floor in your private pool

We can tell you all about the benefits of a movable floor for your private pool. You quickly and easily transform the available space in your home from office to pool. With the push of a button, you lower the bottom to the desired depth, and you can start swimming. In the pictures, you can also see that we have given the top deck of the movable pool floor the same look as the rest of this pool house. The whole is now a unit and definitely provides that wow factor of the whole.

Do you have plans of your own in this area? Then please contact us for more information without any obligation. The sooner we get involved in a project, the better it is. With our expertise, we can provide you with good advice and supervise the project.