Project with towing tank in Ostend finished

In Ostend, Holland Aqua Sight have completed a project in the Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory. A brand new towing tank has been built in the building with a total length of no less than 174 meters, and with a width of 20 meters. The water depth in the tank is 1 meter.

Towing tank with 26 windows

A total of 26 windows have been mounted in the tank, six of which are in the wall of 1.80 x 1 meter and in the bottom 20 windows of 1 x 2.30 meter.

The ship model designed for use in this towing tank has an overall maximum length of 8 m and a width of 1.5 m. In contrast to the current towing tank, the new towing tank will have observation windows and an observation tunnel to easily visualise the flow next to and beneath the ship model. The fully automatic towing carriage will offer the same features as the current towing tank and additional functionalities are still being considered.

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