Private swimming pool project with underwater window in Malta

Our installers are getting somewhere. So we went to work on a beautiful private pool in beautiful Malta. In this private pool we were allowed to install a large acrylic underwater window. We also regularly work with other companies on projects like this, and this is a project we did together with Adrian Micallef of AM Design in San Gwann.

The assembly of an acrylic underwater windows

In our workshop in Oudkarspel the 2 acrylic panels were first glued together. Then the assembled panel was mounted in a stainless steel frame and tested at 0.5 bar pressure. This way we can be sure that there will be no leakage. Once on site in Malta, our mechanics mounted the frame with anchors and screws in the concrete recess. After the pool builder applied the waterproofing, the hydro-test was performed. Now that the tiling is in place and the pool is filled, the residents can enjoy a beautiful result! We completed another beautiful project in Monaco.