Advantages of acrylic underwater windows

Holland Aqua Sight specializes in the design, supply, and installation of various types of acrylic underwater windows for different applications. Acrylic is a transparent plastic that is excellent for this application. Glass becomes too heavy and fragile quickly, while acrylic is lighter in weight and a highly break-resistant material. Therefore, acrylic windows are easier and safer to install, and the risk of breakage is minimal, making it an ideal material for your underwater window solution.

Quality of acrylic underwater windows

Acrylic is available in many qualities, depending on the purity of the base material and the quality of the production process. This creates a distinction in types of acrylic. Holland Aqua Sight stands for top quality. For this reason, we often use Plexiglas® Acrylic. Plexiglas® is a brand of acrylic with high-quality properties.

Highest light transmission

Plexiglas® has a light transmission (LTA factor) of as much as 92%, whereas this is often lower than 80% for glass. This makes Plexiglas® ideal for underwater windows, as it enhances the luxurious effect. Compared to many other types of acrylic (PMMA), the LTA factor of Plexiglas® is also higher. Cheaper PMMA’s lose their light transmission over time (windows become dull), while this remains very high with Plexiglas® over a longer period.

Maintenance and flexibility

Plexiglas® also has an extremely smooth structure, making it difficult for dirt to adhere to the surface. This aspect also enhances the appearance of the underwater window and leads to lower maintenance and cleaning costs.

Flexibility A third important advantage of Plexiglas® is that it can be quickly processed in many sizes, making it highly flexible. This flexibility is considerably less with glass. As a result, we can actually realize any desired size for your underwater window. By means of bonding, heating, and a specific grinding process, we can deliver windows in all shapes and sizes.


At Holland Aqua Sight, safety comes first. Our engineers know exactly how thick your window should be executed and in which profile it can best be built into your situation. Holland Aqua Sight is part of the VarioGroup from Oudkarspel. Download our brochure HERE.