Movable floor

Imagine this. One moment it is a regular living room, and the next moment the same space changes into a swimming pool! This is possible with a movable floor from Holland Aqua Sight.

A movable floor for your home is the next step in luxury. We have been developing movable floors for swimming pools for years. This knowledge has been gained through public swimming pools, and we have further developed the floors in-house for the private sector together with our colleagues, and market leader, Variopool. We also have the necessary patents for these private floors because we constantly innovate and implement adjustments. This way you will always get the best that is available for this market.

How do movable swimming pool floors work

All that our movable floor wants to do is float. The floor is pulled down by means of a cylinder and the private swimming pool is created. You can set the floor to different depths via the electronic control in the wall. This is especially useful if, for example, small children want to swim or play in your private pool. Enough of swimming? Then the floor is activated again, and the entire floor comes up, and the room can be used for other purposes. The possibilities are endless.

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What cost a movable pool floor?

The costs of a movable floor depend on your needs, the used materials, the type of top deck you wish and the size of the floor. The best way to get a good indication is to get in contact with us.

The finishing of your pool floor

After the installation of your movable pool floor is done, the finishing starts. The top deck of the floor can look the same as your swimming pool terrace. We can provide any kind of top deck like marble, granite, wood, limestone and many more. Take a look which we have realized. If you still have any questions, please get in contact with our International Account Managers.

Movable pool floor for public pools

Looking for a movable pool floor for a public pool? Have a look at the site of Variopool.