movable floor

What is a movable floor in a swimming pool

  • A movable floor is a floating floor in a swimming pool which can set on different heights
  • A movable floor works via a hydraulic system in the wall, so there will be no grease and such in the pool water
  • A movable floor is available for residential pool or public swimming pools
  • A movable floor is also cost-effective because when raised to top level it also is a pool cover. So the water in the swimming pool does not cool down too much.
  • A movable floor gives you extra space. Turn your swimming pool into a party zone with a movable floor

Extra space with a movable floor

With a movable floor in your swimming pool you can do a lot of extras with the available space. When the movable floor is up, you can do whatever you want on it and you have a lot of extra space. For example; you can use the movable floor as a terrace.
When the movable floor is lowered you can enjoy your swimming pool. The movable floor can be set in any desired depth so it is also very save for little children to swim.