Acrylic windows for use in an aquarium or zoo

A sea aquarium always does well with visitors. You get a glimpse into the wonderful underwater world and the windows even look amazing. With such an aquarium you get a good impression of what is going on under water. Here the brightness of Acrylic underwater windows comes into its own. It is the big advantage of acrylic windows. The windows weigh less than glass and break even less quickly. And that is of course very important if it is going to be used for a professional aquarium.

An aquarium with an acrylic pool window is spectacular

To make the underwater experience in your aquarium complete for the visitor, the underwater tunnel is the ultimate thing. On the sides and above the visitor is water and they walk between the fish. A super experience. However, you do not have to worry about children damaging the acrylic underwater windows, or driving a pram against it, because the windows hardly scratch. Another advantage of this type of windows. In addition, the surface is very smooth so that dirt does not stick.

An example of the windows supplied by Holland Aqua Sight can be viewed at the Dublin Zoo. So plans for your own zoo with terrarium or aquarium? Then you know where you can go.