Infinity pool

An infinity pool is a beautiful sight and exudes pure luxury for a swimming pool. This creates an optical illusion: it seems that the pool has no edge. Often such a border is chosen to make it appear as if the pool is overflowing into the sea or the sky. The edge is actually a weir a few millimeters lower than the water level in the pool. The water that flows over the edge is collected in a lower gutter.

What is an Infinity pool

An infinity pool is a swimming pool designed to allow water to flow over the edge or to give the swimming pool am endless look.  However, this type of swimming pool is not only reserved for the more luxurious holiday destinations but can also be realized at your home. Holland Aqua Sight is specialized in installing all kinds of acrylic underwater windows. Take a look at our website or make an appointment with our specialist Eugen van Langen. He can tell you all about the Acrylic pool windows that we use for your infinity swimming pool.