Savoy Residence hotel chain on Madeira, Portugal

Madeira, here we come!  This summer our team of installers, together with our partner PoolPrime, will be working on a big project in beautiful Madeira. We will do this for the Savoy Residence Hotel chain, for the Insular project.

Choosing a home is a life choice. And choosing the Savoy Residence | Insular is choosing Funchal and one of its most emblematic quarters. Here, Madeira Island’s history is combined with sophistication and modernity, while you overlook a unique sea front alongside the particularities of a city with six centuries of traditions. Come and live Funchal. Be Insular. The Insular quarter resides in the Madeirans’ collective memory, defining a space that doesn’t go unnoticed to those who visit Funchal. The Savoy Residence | Insular will embody the history of the ancient buildings that once stood there, paying them a well-deserved tribute and bring them into the present day as a renewed centrality. This is its town. This is its history and its future.

Underwater windows from Holland Aqua Sight

This involves the production and installation of no less than 14 acrylic windows for six swimming pools. The photos give an impression of this beautiful project! More updates will follow!