Shipping container used as a diving tank

commissioned 2024

The Ministry of Defense is urgently in need of new team members and is currently running a robust recruitment campaign across all possible media channels, targeting individuals from Generation D (Doen). Recently, the team at Holland Aqua Sight was entrusted with an old shipping container that served as a diving tank for military divers for many years but was completely worn out. Three years ago, Hytech approached us with the request to equip this container with new acrylic windows.

Before we could get to work, the frame had to be thoroughly blasted and provided with a new interior lining and coating. Groenenboom undertook these tasks. The diving tank is equipped with four acrylic windows measuring 2000 x 1800 x 80 mm. This refurbished diving tank will be a striking presence at various exhibitions and events, where Generation D can get acquainted with the ‘doing’ and working underwater.