Underwater window installation by helicopter

Earlier we mentioned a special private swimming pool project on Capri. It was a successful and special installation of an acrylic underwater window that has taken place with the help of a helicopter that had to come over especially from Switzerland. Our client is the Italian company Euraqua. They have shown confidence in our product.

The island of Capri is known for its narrow streets. The size of the underwater window is 8.0 x 1.9 x 0.16 m (L x H x D). The weight was almost 3000 Kg. Delivery by road was not an option. The acrylic window was transported from the Netherlands, along with all other installation materials, to Naples. In Naples, the window was put on a smaller truck and this truck was driven on a boat. This boat sailed to the bay closest to the house and was taken there by helicopter.

Helicopter needed for heavy lifting

What a special project! The helicopter has hovered above the swimming pool, so that the mechanics can lift the heavy window into the rebate. We are proud of the cooperation with the various parties. Meanwhile, the swimming pool is completely finished and the proud owner can do his laps with a view over the beautiful area.

This whole operation would not have worked very well without the efforts of the architect Cap – Capri Architettura & Paesaggio and the helicopter company from Switzerland – Heliswiss.

Watch this short impression of the installation below.