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Underwater window maintenance

Are you looking for a company to help you with underwater window maintenance? Holland Aqua Sight is ready, willing and able to help you with all your underwater window needs. We are in possession of almost all available diving and so-called safety papers, valid all over the world. Dutch divers are highly regarded because of the accuracy and the skills they apply in their work. The trainings and certifications are not easy to achieve and only professional divers may eventually pass these successfully, because of the quality of education and trainings available.

Holland Aqua Sight is in possession of the following diplomas and certifications:

Category D Diving with SCUBA with a maximum depth of 9 metres
Category A Diving with SCUBA with a maximum depth of 30 metres
Category B Diving with Surface Demand equipment till 50 metres including Wetbell
MAD-A Diver medic A &emdash; Medical support of SCUBA or SSE-diving (A2 till B4)
Diver First Aid Medical support of low risk diving work (art. 6.16 lid 4 Arbo Act) & Category A1 divers
VCA ** Safety for building constructions

Safety first

In these times safety is an important aspect of company characteristics and is certainly not ignored by Holland Aqua Sight.

Everything will be done to guarantee the safety of employees and sub-contractors of Holland Aqua Sight everywhere around the world.

If you need more information, please call to our office without any obligation or contact us. The Team of Holland Aqua Sight is happy to help you and discuss all possibilities and questions with you. Holland Aqua Sights operates world-wide and is fully certified.