voordelen van acryl

Advantages of acrylic underwater windows

The advantage of acrylic compared to glass is considerably. One of them is the weight. Acrylic underwater windows weighs half as much as normal glass and is much more stronger. Besides that acrylic will not break or crack like glass.

Acrylic pool windows brighter than glass

The casted solid blocks of Plexiglas have 92% light transmission. They have an excellent brilliance. In short; these pool windows are brighter than glass!

When a standard length will not be the right size we can gluing them together seamless. The Plexiglas is versatile so we can shape it easily. Both of these technical processes are being done pre-fab and under controlled conditions.

Holland Aqua Sight works with standard sizes which are between 3000x2000mm up to 3000x7800mm. Depending on the technical calculations we offer a panel thickness. This can vary from 20 up to 150mm or custom made.

With a soft sponge or cloth you can clean the acrylic underwater windows very easily. Just as easy as normal glass windows! For questions regarding our products please use our contact form.

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