Sports ‘on’ the swimming pool

commissioned 2023

In the south-west of Switzerland stands this beautiful villa. Here we went to work installing a robust movable pool floor in the outdoor pool. In the movable floor there is also a luxurious moving walk-in staircase with 4 platform steps. The wish of the client is to be able to use the floor also for sports and games. This is not an issue for us. In terrace mode, the movable floor is stabilized completely flush with the surrounding terrace.

Carefree closure of swimming pool

The client also travels frequently. His question was whether it would be possible to close the pool carefree. As you can see, the movable floor is completely closed, this prevents pollution and algae formation ban the swimming water, and more importantly the pool is safely closed. A small gap all around, and yet it is possible to position the floor to the desired swimming depth of 1.5 m within 5 minutes. Smart guys those men from Holland Aqua Sight!

At the time of writing, not everything in and around the house is finished yet, but we will post the project again when everything is done.