Movable pool floor

For a movable pool floor for public swimming pools, please visit the Variopool website. On this site, we showcase the possibilities of a movable floor for private pools. You no longer need to choose between space on the terrace or for a pool. Utilize square meters doubly with a movable pool floor.

The unique system by Holland Aqua Sight is a floating concept combined with a stainless steel frame and a hydraulic system. This system has been developed and tested by our own specialists and meets stringent safety standards. The floor can be adjusted to variable water levels, allowing children to play safely in shallow water, swim laps in mid-depth water, and dive into the full depth of the pool. Many possibilities exist! Additionally, the floor can be set at terrace level, enabling you to safely let children play outside without fear of them approaching the pool.

Movable pool floors as terraces

Hosting a party? Not a problem, you can use the movable floor as a terrace, dance floor, or event venue. The movable pool floor can withstand very high loads. For each project, the technical and structural requirements are thoroughly calculated to ensure we guarantee a safe floor. Holland Aqua Sight supplies and installs the technology for control ourselves. Not only can the floor be made in various shapes and sizes, but it is also possible to design an integrated staircase.

Safety and sustainability come first!

In addition to safety, sustainability and maintenance have been considered. The entire hydraulic drive and electrical control are located outside the pool. As a result, maintenance by a Holland Aqua Sight specialist is relatively easy to perform. During the annual inspection, the condition of the floor is assessed, and worn parts are replaced. Another major advantage is that the pool does not need to be emptied, even for repairs. Our team has all the knowledge to perform your maintenance. We work on projects worldwide and have our own certified maintenance technicians.

It is possible to choose a finish for the floor according to your own style and taste. It is even possible to integrate the pool ladder into the walkable surface of the floor. Our staff is happy to provide personal advice and will come on-site to discuss the project with you, the construction team, the pool builder, or the architect. We work with our own installation teams who have all the necessary expertise.

For more information or ideas about movable pool floors for private pools, feel free to contact us without obligation.