Movable floor for private pool in Israel

In addition to acrylic underwater windows, Holland Aqua Sight also supplies movable floors for private swimming pools. This is ideal because you can transform the terrace into a swimming pool and vice versa in no time. We have been doing this for many years and are specialists in this field. And the world is our playground because we literally go everywhere. The next project we completed was in Israel in the town of Hod Hasharon.

This owner has a large garden with an adjoining terrace and wanted more possibilities for the garden. The movable pool floor also had to blend in with the rest of the garden. A top layer of natural stone was chosen so that it is now a single unit. The bottom consists of two parts that operate separately because the bottom also goes around a corner. We are talking about two parts of 8.1 x 2.4 metres and the second part is 17.5 x 1.9 metres. Made to measure! We like that.

This way, optimum use is made of the available space, because we like to think along with you!