Saint Tropez

Private swimming pool in Saint Tropez

In the beautiful French town of Saint Tropez, the concrete has been poured and the swimming pool can continue to harden. It is then up to the Holland Aqua Sight installers to install a movable swimming pool floor in it.

Finishing the movable floor

After the movable floor has installed, the top layer will be finished in the same style as the rest of the terrace. Then during the day laps can be drawn, or played by children, and as soon as the floor is set to the highest position, it is a nice continuous terrace. Another advantage of a movable swimming pool floor in a private environment.

Topdeck in any desired finish

In order for the movable swimming pool floor to become a unity with the rest of the garden, the customer has chosen to have the topdeck finished in a style that matches the rest of the garden. For example, we can finish the topdeck with marble, porcelain, glass mosaic, granite, wood or limestone. Feel free to inquire about the many possibilities with our International Account Managers.