Swimming pool on top of a roof in Cyprus

Second project with satisfied customer in Cyprus

After Holland Aqua Sight has already been able to provide a swimmingpool in Cyprus with acrylic windows, the customer came back to us with the wish to also provide another swimming pool on the 8th floor with acrylic underwater windows. There is, of course, nothing better than to be able to do another project for the same client. We can then state that the customer is very satisfied with the work already delivered. The size of the new swimming pool is 3 meters with a height of 1.10 meters. The thickness of the acrylic windows is 80mm.

The advantage is of acrylic underwater windows

The advantage of acrylic compared to glass is considerably and we would like to go in depth about this subject. One of them is the weight. Acrylic underwater windows weighs half as much as normal glass and is much more stronger. Besides that acrylic will not break or crack like glass. Do you need more information? Please feel free to contact our head office.